graphic designer + art & cooking hobbyist


hello! i'm cate! 20+
eng/簡單中文/簡単な日本語 ok.
i like to cook, draw and design for fun!!


mainly haikyuu, pokémon, genshin and hxh atm!!reading/watching:
tondemo skill de isekai hourou meshi
kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru
hunter x hunter
mxtx (tgcf, svsss)
one-punch man
reborn! (khr)
one piece
demon slayer (kny)
jujutsu kaisen
blue lock
honkai star rail
genshin impact
persona 3 portable
cookie run (kingdom)
fire emblem
animal crossing




procreate (ipad pro)
clipstudio paint pro
adobe photoshop cc
adobe illustrator cc
i do vector art and digital painting!when i have the time, i like to draw fanart of
various manga, manhwa, anime and games.
other than fanart, i really enjoy drawing food!
here are some of my works!

🡨––♡✧( ु•⌄• )––🡪



adobe illustrator cc
adobe photoshop cc
adobe indesign cc
figma (desktop app)
i do graphic design work!
i also create, maintain and update carrd themes.
i work on community, fan + school projects.
i've made things for different mediums,
such as posters, simple animated videos
and pop-up event cup sleeves!
here are some examples!

🡨––(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡––🡪


zines etc.

i have become involved with fanbooks in the past few years!



yeartitlefandomrolework status
2020beyond the horizonhaikyuu!!co-org, graphics, layout
2020atsuhina big banghaikyuu!!graphics, general
2020champion: iwaizumihaikyuu!!graphics, nsfw layout
2021a certain happinesshaikyuu!!graphics
2021this side of paradisehq!!, pokémongraphics, layout, cmns
2021you are what you eatoriginalall rolesformatting
2021teyvat kidsgenshin impactlayout, jp cmns
2022around the worldgenshin impactsocials, layout, cmnsformatting
2022goldenrodgenshin impactgraphics
2022sunny dayreborn! (khr)org, graphics, layout, cmnsfulfillment
2022heaven's official kitchentgcf 天官赐福chef mod, layout
2022catte lattehaikyuu!!chef mod, co-cmns



yeartitlefandomrolework status
20204 seasons for the teamhaikyuu!!page artist
2020taberu cookbookhaikyuu!!recipes chef
2021taste of teyvatgenshin impactrecipes chef
2021nanami cookbookjujutsu kaisenrecipes chef
2021an egg zineoriginalpage artist
2021proud immortal culinary wayscum villainrecipes chef
2021yumtendo cookbooknintendoguest chef
2021feast: volume 2one piecerecipes chef
2021kombu! inumaki zinejujutsu kaisenrecipes chef
2021teyvat kidsgenshin impactpage artist
2022myth: rng zinegenshin impactpage artist
2022gojo dessert bookjujutsu kaisenrecipes chef
2022heaven's official kitchentgcf 天官赐福recipe chef
2022catte lattehaikyuu!!recipes chef
2022hell's kitchenshades gamerecipes chef